SELF Labs Grow Rooms  Modular Indoor Farming Solutions

10-Foot Grow Room

For cultivators with limited space, our modular 10-foot grow room is the ultimate turnkey solution. SELF Labs grow rooms are designed to streamline the start-up process, ensuring that even the most space-conscious growers can achieve high yields.

Space Efficient:

The compact design maximizes your growing space efficiency, allowing you to produce more within a smaller footprint.

Rapid Deployment

Ready to be installed in months, not years, our grow rooms can quickly become the cornerstone of your cultivation operation

Energy Efficient

Increased potency and quality of the produce come hand-in-hand with our energy-efficient design, reducing overhead costs and boosting your bottom line.
Price: $40,000
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20-Foot Grow Room

Designed for ambitious growers seeking to maximize their yield, our expansive 20-Foot Grow Room offers a sophisticated, scalable solution. SELF Labs Grow Rooms leverage cutting-edge technology to facilitate a seamless cultivation experience, accommodating larger-scale operations without sacrificing quality or control.

Maximizing Your Space::

The expansive design of our 20-foot room allows for increased plant density, enabling you to significantly boost production capabilities.

Quick Installation

Engineered for efficiency, our grow rooms can be operational in a fraction of the time it takes to construct traditional grow operations. inside of a div block.

Secured Environment

The fully enclosed ecosystem minimizes the risk of external contamination and pests, ensuring your crops are protected throughout their growth.

Price: $70,000


40-Foot Growrooms

SELF Labs introduces the pinnacle of indoor farming with our 40-Foot Grow Room. It's designed for serious cultivators looking to lead the market in yield and quality. Our largest modular grow room combines industrial capacity with precision agriculture technology to deliver unparalleled results.

Supreme Capacity for Superior Yield:

This vast space is expertly engineered to support extensive crop production while maintaining the highest standards of plant health and productivity.
Strategic Layout for Optimal Use:The generous dimensions are thoughtfully utilized, ensuring that every inch contributes to your growing operations without wasting space.

The generous dimensions are thoughtfully utilized, ensuring that every inch contributes to your growing operations without wasted space.

Accelerated Setup for Immediate Impact:

We understand that time is of the essence. Our grow rooms are designed for swift assembly, allowing you to expedite your cultivation cycle and market entry.

Price: $90,000

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