SELF Labs Inc. stands at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in cutting-edge research and development in artificial intelligence (AI) and brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies. Beyond these core areas, the lab delves deep into neurological research and the exploration of spiritual journeys. With a vision to harness modern technology for the betterment of the world, SELF Labs has been instrumental in building pioneering ventures like Role Model AI, among other groundbreaking technologies. Committed to fostering innovation, SELF Labs also invests in entrepreneurs and businesses that share a common mission to shape a brighter, more connected future.

Enhancing The Future

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Improving The World By Providing Modern Technology To Optimize Lifestyle

Role Model AI

Create your own AI Assistant Avatars and automate any task! Role Model AI, the ultimate everything game where your avatar comes to life with extraordinary abilities. Join us on a gaming adventure like never before and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

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AYOTA (AI Enabled PC)

Experience the next generation of computing with AYOTA, a state-of-the-art machine that seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence into every facet of its design. Powered by the innovative Cerebral OS, AYOTA is not just a computer; it's your personal assistant, your creative partner, and your gateway to the future.


The Mesh Network

The AYOTA Mesh Network is not just another cloud service; it's a revolution in computing. By leveraging the unparalleled power of AYOTA Supercomputers and the secure, decentralized data storage solutions from Rubidex, we're creating a new paradigm in cloud computing.

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Meet Our Team

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Milan Cheeks
Founder / CEO
AI & BCI Developer
Alexander Mazzei
Co-Founder / CRO
Virtual World Developer
Alex Fernandez
Research & Development
Robb Cheeks
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Miguel Sanchez
Cliff Locks

Our Partners

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Beomni AI is a powerful AI brain that can power humanoid robots and other robotic systems and learns tasks just like the human brain. Our cutting-edge technology allows Beomni AI to transform physical labor by learning tasks over time, first mastering individual tasks and eventually learning entire professions. Beyond Imagination Inc. provides Humanoid Robots to SELF Labs Inc.

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Box4Grow specializes in connectable, modular solutions are a highly engineered prefabricated production environment, custom-built for a wide variety of crops and business models. Box4Grow provides these Grow boxes to SELF Labs Inc to grow organic produce and cannabis

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RUBIDEX™ uses a patented process to store data in a zero-trust encrypted data lake.  Data remains encrypted at  all times, in transit, in session and in storage. SELF Labs Inc uses Rubidex's technology for security for our various platform like Role Model AI, AYOTA PCs, and The Mesh Network.

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Bangalla offers a large range of natural and healthy products. From gluten free, to vegan, as well as thousands of healthy snacks, make Bangalla your first source of products for your ecommerce store or retail outlet. We use Bangalla to distribute organic non perishable food across the United States and other countries

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/ 17 Goals that drive SELF Labs
/ 1
Improve Focus Levels Promote Higher Consciousness
We believe that there is a higher consciousness available to every human on the planet and using technology we are here to prove it!
/ 2
Help End Extreme World Hunger
In modern day society it doesn't make sense that there are still people out there starving. We plan to help solve this by creating sustainable farms and donating 100% of the food to people in need.
/ 3
Provide Sustainable Farming Tools
We want to help farmers enhance their current farms by providing technology that will help enhance their growing process.
/ 4
Help End Extreme Poverty
Providing new a new token system that can help balance out the wealth in each nation.

/ 5
Provide Sustainable Living
Building our Naturopathic Home communities that not only help promote good health but provide sustainable environments .
/ 6
Provide Universal Education Systems
Providing tools like Role Model AI where people can use AI Avatars to create experts on demand.
/ 7
Eradicate Forced Labor
Our goal is to provide humanoid robots that can replace force labor environments. We are completing this goal with our partners Beyond Imagination
/ 8
Provide Access to Affordable, Reliable, & Modern Energy
Our research team is constantly looking for solutions to help provide renewable energy systems.
/ 9
Promote Scientific Research and Innovation for the Natural Benefit of Humanity.
This is one of our most important goals and what makes who we are. Our goal is to provide and invest in companies that have this common goal as their business strategy.
/ 10
Promote & Protect The Rights of All People
Our company values equality for all livings souls on the planet.
/ 11
Protect and Promote Good Animal Health
Not only should humans have a fair shot of a quality of life but so should our animal companions. We build technology to help keep your pets and wildlife healthy.
/ 12
Provide Affordable Health Care Systems
As of now, we provided Role Model AI as a tool to help track your health in real time. In the near future, we plan on creating incentive programs that corporations and individuals can use to reward themselves for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
/ 13
Free People From 9-5 Work System
Providing automated tools will help provide people with more options to make money to automate daily tasks.
/ 14
Prove God's Intervention Through Science
We have always been fascinated in how the universe works and the absolute. We want to prove this exists by a series of experiments.
/ 15
Scientifically Prove Astrology to be True or False
Astrology has been around for a while and even though some may believe it has nothing to do with our daily lives, we plan on running a research study to finally get to the bottom of this.
/ 16
Help the Public Set a Global Standard of Business and Personal Ethics
In today's modern age it seems ethics has been a lost art. We want to start having the hard conversations that we tend to avoid finally come to a common ground of ethics and how everyone should be treated.
/ 17
Identify The Human Soul
What makes us who we are. Is it our personalities, needs /wants, occupation, mindset, or is it something deeper. The only way to find our is to do the right research studies to see what makes us all tick through this timeline of life.